Goyenda Indranath Rudra Samagra by Adrish Bardhan (গোয়েন্দা ইন্দ্রনাথ রুদ্র সমগ্র – অদ্রীশ বর্ধন)

Goyenda Indranath Rudra Samagra by Adrish Bardhan Book Image

Goyenda Indranath Rudra is Adrish Bardhan's brilliant detective character. Indranath Rudra wears Dhuti-Panjabi and smokes pipe. This character picked up sufficient popularity.

Ghanada Samagra By Premendra Mitra (ঘনাদা সমগ্র)

Ghanada Samagra by Premendra Mitra Book Image

The character of Ghanashyam Das was presented as a single, dark-complexioned male with a tall, boney and skeletal structure, matured anyplace between thirty-five to fifty-five, as portrayed by the creator himself in Mosha- the first story of the arrangement.

Oitihashik Kahini Samagra (ঐতিহাসিক কাহিনী সমগ্র) by Sharadindu Bandyopadhyay

Oitihashik Kahini Samagra By Sharadindu Bandyopadhyay Book Image

Sharadindu Bandyopadhyay wrote a lot of historical fiction books. This book is a collection of seventeen short stories and five novels in the historical fiction category written by the author.

Jakher Dhon, Abar Jakher Dhon By Hemendra Kumar Roy

Jakher Dhon Book Image By Hemendra Kumar Roy

Jakher Dhon (যকের ধন), Abar Jakher Dhon (আবার যকের ধন) are series of famous adventure stories written by Hemendra Kumar Roy.

Bangla Book Collection

Book image

A collection of prominent Bangla writer's books - Sherlock Holmes Series, Ekenbabu series and more.

Dr Hajra Series by Kaushik Roy

Hajra Series by Kaushik Roy Book Image

Dr Hajra Series is a medical crime thriller. It’s the prequel to the Prakhar Rudra series. Here we’ll get an introduction to young Rudra, the detective mastermind.

ChakraBuhe Prakhar Rudra (চক্রব্যূহে প্রখর রুদ্র) By Kaushik Roy

book image

Prakhar Rudra is a background character in Satyajit Ray’s famous detective series “Feluda”. But the writer Kaushik Roy made him the main protagonist of his series.

Pracheta Gupta (প্রচেত গুপ্ত) Books

book image

His literary works were afterwards published in a variety of magazines. He won the Kishore Sahitya Academy Award in 2021. A few of his stories have been adapted for Hindi, Oriya, and Marathi.