Siratun Nabi ( সীরাতুন নবী (সা.) ) By Ibn Hisham


Book Name: Siratun Nabi ( সীরাতুন নবী (সা.) )

Book Writer: Ibn Hisham RA ( আবূ মুহাম্মদ আবদুল মালিক ইব্‌ন হিশাম মুআফিরী (র) )

তাক্বদীর : আল্লাহর এক গোপন রহস্য

Taqdir A Mystery of Allah Image

Book Name: তাক্বদীর : আল্লাহর এক গোপন রহস্য

Book Writer: আব্দুল আলীম ইবন কাওসার

Hajrat Salman Farsi RA Bangla Book


Book Name: হযরত সালমান ফারসী (Hajrat Salman Farsi)

Book Writer: আবুল খায়ের মুসলেহউদ্দিন (Abul Khair Muslehuddin)

আল কুরআন এক মহাবিস্ময়


Book Name: আল কুরআন এক মহাবিস্ময়

Book Writer: ড. মরিস বুকাইলি (Dr Maurice Bucaille and two other writers)

Tibbe Nobobi Book

Tibbe Nobobi Bangla Book Image

Book Name: Tibbe Nobobi

Book Writer: Hafiz Nazar Ahmad

Book Category: Medical Science in Islam

Golpe Hazrat Muhammad SAW Bangla Book

Golpe Hajrat Muhammad SAW Book Image

Book Name: Golpe Hazrat Muhammad SAW (গল্পে হযরত মুহাম্মদ (স.))

Book Writer: Muhammad Lutful Haque

Hujjatullah Al-Baligah (হুজ্জাতুল্লাহিল বালিগাহ)


"Some people think that there is no usefulness involved in the injunct of Islamic law and that in actions and rewards as prescribed by God there is no beneficial purpose. They think that the commandments of Islamic law are similar to a master ordering his servant to lift a stone or touch a tree in order to test his obedience and that in this there is no purpose except to impose a test so that if the servant obeys, he is rewarded, and if he disobeys, he is punished. This view is completely incorrect. The traditions of the Prophet and consensus of opinion of those ages, contradict this view."