Hujjatullah Al-Baligah (হুজ্জাতুল্লাহিল বালিগাহ) Bangla Book

Shah Waliullah Dehlawi (শাহ ওয়ালিউল্লাহ মুহাদ্দিস দেহলভী) was an Indian Islamic scholar and philosopher. He was born in 1703 in Delhi, India.

He was a very pious man. He memorized Quran by the age of seven. He also learned Arabic, Persian, Theology, Geometry, Arithmetic and Logic.

His most important work is Hujjatullah al-baligah (The Profound Evidence of Allah). This book deals with the development of Islamic sciences, human need for guidance, history of the legal schools, causes of the differences, the wisdom of shariah, and an intellectual interpretation of hadith.

He states:

"Some people think that there is no usefulness involved in the injunct of Islamic law and that in actions and rewards as prescribed by God there is no beneficial purpose. They think that the commandments of Islamic law are similar to a master ordering his servant to lift a stone or touch a tree in order to test his obedience and that in this there is no purpose except to impose a test so that if the servant obeys, he is rewarded, and if he disobeys, he is punished. This view is completely incorrect. The traditions of the Prophet and consensus of opinion of those ages, contradict this view."

He first translated the Quran into Persian in the Indian subcontinent. He died in the year 1762 (59 years).


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