Miracles of the Quran Books

The Quran Unchallengeable Miracle

These books describe miracles of the Quran such as scientific, mathematical, linguistic miracles of the Quran.

Don't Be Sad By Aaidh Al-Qarni

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"La Tahzan" is an Arabic book written by Dr. Aaidh Ibn Abdullah Al-Qarni. It is an Islamic motivational book specially written for sad, depressed and hopeless people. It gives specific guidelines on how to deal with different life situations.

"Don't Be Sad" is an English version of the book.

Muhammad Farhan Ahmed's Poetry Books


Muhammad Farhan Ahmed was born in 1999 in Rawalpindi, Islamabad. He is a published writer, who, in 2016, self-published his very first volume of poetry "Stimulus" through He writes mostly in free-style rhyme and is fond of topics based on Islamic spirituality, moral values, sentimental aspects of life, and societal issues and dilemmas.

"The Explanation of the Hadith of the Man Who Killed 99 Men" By Imam Nawawi


"The Explanation of the Hadith of the Man Who Killed 99 Men" is an important book which explains the famous hadith of the "Man who Killed 99 Men". This hadith is about a man who killed 99 men and later asked forgiveness from Allah SWT and he was forgiven.

Reclaim Your Heart By Yasmin Mogahed

Reclaim Your Heart By Yasmin Mogahed

Reclaim Your Heart is written by Ustadha Yasmin Mogahed. She received her B.S. Degree in Psychology and her Masters in Journalism and Mass Communications from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Ruling on Animations and Cartoons book By Dr. Bilal Philips

Ruling on Animations and cartoons

"Ruling on Cartoons and Children books with Images" is a book on the ruling of Cartoons, Animations and Images in Islam. Author of the book is Dr. Bilal Philips.

English Miscellaneous Books

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Other Islamic Books

The Book Of Assistance

Below is a list of some other important books we have published. They are : The Book Of Assistance, Faith Versus Materialism, Learning Arabic Language Of The Quran.