Rijuda Books By Buddhadeb Guha

Rijuda is an adventurer and detective. Rijuda is created by Buddhadeb Guha who is a prominent Indian Bengali writer.

Rijuda explores different jungles of India with his sidekick Rudra. Rudra is the assistant and narrator of Rijuda's stories. Rijuda first appeared in the book "Rijudar Shonge Jongole" which was published in 1973. The most popular books of Rijuda are "Gugunogumbarer Deshe", "Ru aha", "Rijuda er Sathe Bauxar Jongole".

By reading Rijuda's story, we can learn a lot about forests and it's natural beauty. People from all ages get a sense of consciousness about forests when they read Rijuda books.

Rijuda Shomogro

1. Rijuda Volume 1

2. Rijuda Volume 2

3. Rijuda Volume 3

4. Rijuda Volume 4

5. Rijuda Volume 5