Tenida Shomogro By Narayan Gangopadhyay

Tenida series was written by Bengali author Narayan Gangopadhyay. It is based upon four boys who live in Potoldanga. They visit different places where they solve mysteries.

Their leader is Tanida whose real name is Bhojohori Mukherji(ভজহরি মুখার্জী). He is a very funny character. He makes fabricated stories to show his bravery and courage. He has a large nose which is similar to Mount Mainak and a great appetite.

Kyabla is the most intelligent and brave of all. His real name is (কুশল মিত্র). He is a very bright student and solves mysteries when the group falls into traps.

Pyalaram is the narrator of the stories. Pyalaram’s real name is Kamalesh Banerjee (কমলেশ ব্যানার্জী). He is also not a good student (like tenida) and very coward.

The final group member is Habul. His full name is Swarnendu Sen (Bengali: স্বর্ণেন্দু সেন). He is a good student but coward like pyalaram.


Tenida Series

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