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Dale Carnegie was a famous American Author, lecturer and an eminent personality in the field of public speaking. He was born on 24th November, 1888 in Missouri. His father James William and mother Amanda Elizabeth both were associated to farming activities. Because of financial hardship he had to grow up fighting with poverty.

Carnegie learned about his special skill of speaking as he grew older. He understood that he could approach to any unknown person without any hesitation and this helped him to make lots of friends. This might sowed the seed in him to be an eloquent in his later life. He used to attend Chautauqua assemblies to nurture this seed of being orator by coming across eminent speakers, teachers, musicians and entertainers. He got so much enthusiastic about public speaking after attending these assemblies that he joined the debate team of his school to strengthen his speaking ability. While riding horse to go to college he practiced his speeches and this gradually helped him to be a prominent in public speaking. His god-gifted skill of public speaking led him to win most of the intercollege public speaking contests.

With the skill of persuasion he started his career as a salesman. In 1911 he quit this job to become a Chautauqua lecturer for life but joined the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York. Later he decided to take classes on public speaking in New York and he took a class at YMCA. From his first session Carnegie put a great effort to stimulate students about public speaking and his unique teaching style drew attention of the people. He successfully made people understand the significance of public speaking and people started gaining confidence about speaking without fear. As a result Carnegie received much praise and got a huge recognition and he also began to become financially well-off.

His public speaking course gained so much popularity that he left YMCA and established his own public speaking institute named Dale Carnegie Institute. His students got to know about various techniques of interpersonal skills, positive mindset and body language etc. and in the way he became a pioneer in the field of public speaking. His first book ‘Public Speaking and Influencing Men of Business’ was published in 1913. He got immense success for his book ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’. This book recognized him as a brilliant author along with being a fantastic orator. This book helped many people to develop their communication skill in professional career and hence is considered as a masterpiece for developing interpersonal skill. Carnegie suffered from Hodgkin’s disease and died on 1st November, 1955 in New York.

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