Tarini Khuro Books By Satyajit Ray

Satyajit Ray is a famous Bengali writer. He is the author of some of the extraordinary characters of Bengali literature including Feluda, Professor Shonku and Tarini Khuro.


Tarini Khuro is a story-teller. His full name is Tarini Ranjan Bandopadhyay. Khuro means paternal uncle. He is an aged bachelor who lives in Calcutta. He is a very efficient story teller who tells stories to five young boys. They are Patlu- the narrator, Bhulu, Chatpati, Sunanda and Napla. Among all of them, Napla is the smartest and he asks questions to Tarini Khuro.

Tarini Khuro tells different types of stories including comedy, horror. These stories are based on his experience from his long mysterious professional life. Satyajit Ray wrote 15 stories on Tarini Khuro.

In the book "Tarini Khuror Kirti Kalap", some stories of Tarini Khuro is included. In the book "Golpo 101", all stories of Tarini Khuro is added along with other short stories of Satyajit Ray.

Tarini Khuro Book Links

1. Tarini Khuror Kirti kalap [File Size: 8.6 MB]

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