Ghanada Samagra By Premendra Mitra (ঘনাদা সমগ্র)

Ghanada Samagra by Premendra Mitra Book Image

Premendra Mitra (প্রেমেন্দ্র মিত্র, 4 September 1904 – 3 May 1988) was an Indian writer, author and film director of Bangla language. He was also a professional of Bengali science fiction. His stories were notably accurate from a historical, geographical and scientific standpoint.

The character of Ghanashyam Das was presented as a single, dark-complexioned male with a tall, boney and skeletal structure, matured anyplace between thirty-five to fifty-five, as portrayed by the creator himself in Mosha- the first story of the arrangement. Ghanada was an embodiment of Premendra Mitra's anti-fascist humanistic belief systems and the ethical universe.

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