Detective Meghnad Shomogro By Swapan Bandyopadhyay

Meghnad Shomogro is written by Swapan Bandyopadhyay who is a prominent writer of modern Bengali literature. He writes mainly detective and mystery stories, adventures, science fictions etc.

Swapan Bandyopadhyay was born on 1947 in Kolkata. He completed his graduation from Calcutta University. He started writing from his early age. His famous detective character creation is “Meghnad Bharadwaj”.

Meghnad is another popular detective character in Bengali literature. Swapan Bandyopadhyay first wrote about Meghnad in the book named “Dragon Paharer Rahosya”. This book and Meghnad-Ornob became popular from the very first book. Then he wrote other detective novels on Meghnad which you can read from the book “Rahasyavedi Meghnad Shomogro”.

Meghnad Shomogro Books Link

1. Rahasyavedi Meghnad Shomogro by Swapan Bandyapadhyay