Jibanananda Das (জীবনানন্দ দাশ) Books


Jibanananda Das, also known as "Ruposhi Banglar Kabi," was born on February 17, 1899, in Barisal, Bangladesh. The seed of his literary career owed to his family as his father Satyananda Das was a schoolmaster and essayist and his mother Kusumkumari Das was a poet. After completing his M.A from the University of Calcutta, Das was appointed as a tutor in the English department of City College, Calcutta.

Das was called the modernist poet who broke the norms of following Tagorian influence in poetry. His poetic diction and thematic expression were quite unusual that took a lot of time to reach the hearts of the readers. Das not only wrote poetry but also novels and short stories. However, he is well known for his poetry that earned him recognition in his literary career.

Some of his famous poetry collections are Ruposhi Bangla, Jhora Palok, Dhushor Pandulipi, Banalata Sen, Mohaprithibi, Shat-ti Tarar Timir, Sreshtho Kobita, etc. He died of an accident on October 22, 1954, leaving the scope of flourishing modern literature.

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