Humayun Nama (হুমায়ূননামা) Book by Gulbadan Begum


Humayun Nama (হুমায়ূননামা) was written by Gulbadan Begum.

Shahzadi Gulbadan Begum was a Mughal princess. She was the youngest daughter of Emperor Babur, the founder of the Mughal Empire. Humayun-Nama is her famous work. It is the story of the life of her half-brother, Emperor Humayun. She wrote this book on the request of her nephew, Emperor Akbar.

She was born in 1523, Kabul, Afghanistan and died 1603 in Agra, India.

Book Name: হুমায়ূননামা (Humayun Nama)

Book Writer: গুলবদন বেগম (Gulbadan Begum)

Book Pages: 67

File Size: 20 MB

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1. হুমায়ূননামা (Humayun Nama)