Humayun Ahmed Children's Books (ছোটদের বই)

Humayun Ahmed is the most popular Bengali writer of our age. He wrote many novels, autobiographies, stories, science fictions. He also wrote several books for children and teenagers. Here, we have collected some of his children's story books. His most famous child storybooks are “Botol Bhut”, “Pipli Begum” etc. These are individual storybooks.

His children's storybooks are collected and published as “Chotoder Joto Lekha”. In this book, you will get seven different storybooks including “Mojar Bhut”, “Tomader Jonno Rupkotha” and other stories.

List of Stories from the book "Chotoder Joto Lekha"

Humayun Ahmed Childrens Story Books

Children And Teenegers Books (ছোটদের বই)

1. Botol Bhut ( বোতল ভূত )

File Size: 4.54 MB

2. Eki Kando! ( একি কান্ড! )

File Size: 3.94 MB

3. Jadukor ( জাদুকর )

File Size: 0.70 MB

4. Pipli Begum ( পিপলি বেগম )

File Size: 3.43 MB

5. Putul ( পুতুল )

File Size: 0.75 MB

6. Rakkhos Khokkhos Ebong Bhokkhos ( রাক্ষস খোক্কস এবং ভোক্কস )

File Size: 5.82 MB

Children And Teenegers Book Collections (ছোটদের বই সমগ্র)

1. Chotoder Joto Lekha ( ছোটদের যত লেখা )

File Size: 12.2 MB