Bishwanabi and Poetry Books By Golam Mostofa

Golam Mostofa is the writer of Bishwanabi, an autobiography on the life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). He is a Bengali Islamic writer and poet.

He was born in 1897 in Monoharpur village, Jessore. He passed the Entrance exam in 1913 from Shailkupa high school and later finished BA. He could not continue his studies because of financial difficulties. Then he took teaching as a profession from 1920-1949.

He started writing poetry from school life. In 'Memory of my life' he writes that he first wrote poetry when he was only in class five. He wrote mainly based on Islamic culture and tradition.

His widely acclaimed book is ‘Bishwanabi’. It is written on the life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). It is one of the greatest works on the life of Prophet (PBUH) in the Bengali language. In today’s world of misunderstanding and confusion about Prophet’s (PBUH) character, it is a book that everyone should read to renew their knowledge about the Prophet (PBUH).

His poetry books are: Roktorag, Hasnahena, Khosroj, Sahara, Gulistan, Bani Adam, Kabbo Kahini, Sahara, Tarana-E-Pakistan, Bulbulistan, Prarthona. His translated books are: Musaddas-E-Hali, Kalam-E-Iqbal, Shiqwa O Jawab-E-Shiqwa, Joy Porajoy (Ekhwanus Safa) etc.

Kabbo Gronthaboli Books List

Kabbo Gronthaboli Golam Mostofa

Golam Mostofa Books

1. Bishwa Nabi [File Size: 33.9 MB]

2. Kabbo Gronthaboli [File Size: 22.1 MB]