Sujan Dasgupta Ekenbabu Series And Other Books


The Ekenbabu series (একেনবাবু) consists of several detective stories penned by the noted Bengali writer Sujan Dasgupta. Ekenbabu or Ekendra Sen is a funny and eccentric man who doesn't resemble a typical detective in any manner. However, he is a qualified detective in the police department of Bengal and even goes to the USA to receive training. The series of stories revolves around Ekenbabu and his unique style of investigating and solving cases.

Some of the most notable stories in this series include Manhattane Moonstone, Manhattane Manhaunt, Dhaka Rahasyo Unmochito, etc. The first story of this series is Manhattane Moonstone, which was published in the children’s periodical “Anandamela” in 1991. This is a fun and interesting read for anyone who enjoys detective stories with a sizeable dose of humor.

Ekenbabu Series Books

1. Manhattane Moonstone (ম্যানহাটানে মুনস্টোন)

2. Manhattane Manhaunt (ম্যানহাটানে ম্যানহান্ট)

3. Dhaka Rahasyo Unmochito (ঢাকা রহস্য উন্মোচিত)

Sujan Dasgupta Other Book Links

1. Dhadhapurir Golokdhadha (ধাঁধাপুরীর গোলকধাঁধা)

2. Ei Boiyer Naam Anyo Molate (এই বইয়ের নাম অন্য মলাটে)