Kikira Samagra By Bimal Kar (কিকিরা সমগ্র - বিমল কর)

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Kikira Samagra is a famous crime thriller collection written by prominent Bengali writer Bimal Kar (1921 – 2003). This series has brought a different style in Bengali detective story writing.

Kikira Samagra is all about the stories of solving mysteries by Kinkar Kishore Ray, who is mostly known as Kikira. He is of middle age and does not have a conventional type of physique or personality like Feluda or Byomkesh, although prudently no less than these legendary detective characters. Kikira is friendly in nature and he is always accompanied by his two associates Tarapada and Chandan. Both these associates are in their early job life. Chandan, who is a doctor, seems to be more intelligent than his friend Tarapada, who is a bit introvert and simple in nature.

Kikira used to be a magician by profession in his early career and knows various tricks to make people fool easily. He does not like the language English because his father was once assaulted by an Anglo. After that incident he started speaking the language in a comical manner to avenge the humiliation of his father. Most of the time, he loves to carry his sense of humor in an effective way in order to make others comfortable with him. His home is like a museum, where he collects a variety of stuffs. According to him those stuffs are mostly used for magic shows.

Although he seems to be very weak and pale, he is actually a man of sharp intellect and has a strong observation power. Chandan and Tarapada learn a lot from him and the more they know about him, the more amazed they become. Some of the famous stories of Kikira Samagra are ‘Kapalikra Akhono Achhe’, ‘Sei Odrishyo Lokti’, ‘Sonar Ghorir Khoje’, ‘Circus Theke Paliye’, ‘Neel Banorer Har’ etc. In the world of Bengali mystic thriller Kikira Samagra is an everlasting piece of art for introducing a unique approach of investigation that captivates readers of various ages all the time.

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