Amar Jibon By Rashsundari Devi

Rashsundari Devi was an ordinary indian woman who is famous for her book "Amar Jibon" (My Life) which is the first ever autobiography book that is written by an Indian woman. In this book she wrote about her life struggles and other customs as a 19th century's woman, particularly as a Bengali.

She was born in the year 1809 in Pabna, West Bengal, British India. She was a very simple and innocent woman. In the book, we also find her as a kind-hearted woman. She loved to study although at that time it was considered to be very bad for a woman to study. So she used to study secretly. In this way she learned to read and write.

She died in 1890.

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Book Name: Amar Jibon ( আমার জীবন )

Book Writer: Rashsundari Devi ( রাসসুন্দরী দেবী )

Book Type: Autobiography

Book Pages: 146

File Size: 10 MB

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1. Amar Jibon By Rashsundari Devi