Ahsan Habib (Cartoonist) Pdf Books

Ahsan Habib is a Bangladeshi cartoonist and writer. He is also the editor of Unmad, a very popular magazine in Bangladesh.

His father's name is Foyezur Rahman. He was a police officer who was martyred during the liberation war of Bangladesh. His mother Ayesha Foyez wrote an autobiography, ‘Jiban Je Rakam’. He is the brother of the two great writers of Bengali literature: Humayun Ahmed and Muhammad Zafar Iqbal. He spent his childhood in different parts of Bangladesh. He finished his MSc degree from the University of Dhaka in Geography.

He has been working as the editor of Unmad since 1980. He also worked as the editor of other science fiction magazines - Moulik, Autoline, and Ghuddi. He wrote several books on jokes, science fiction and other categories. His books are mostly funny and satiric in nature.

Ahsan Habib Books

1. Anyo Keu (অন্য কেউ) [File Size: 563 kB]

2. Ekti Pray Bhoyongkor Golpo (একটি প্রায় ভয়ংকর গল্প ) [File Size: 3.12 MB]

3. Golper Jadukar (গল্পের জাদুকর) [File Size: 2.21 MB]

4. Mind the Gap (মাইন্ড দ্যা গ্যাপ) [File Size: 2.60 MB]

5. Motaleb Shaheber Time Machine (মোতালেব সাহেবের টাইম মেশিন) [File Size: 884 KB]

6. Ramrama Ramya (রমরমা রম্য) [File Size: 3.50 MB]

7. Shomudrer Dak (সমুদ্রের ডাক ) [File Size: 3.25 MB]

8. Tigers Jumping Club ( টাইগার'স জাম্পিং ক্লাব ও অন্যান্য রম্য ) [File Size: 4.44 MB]