Pracheta Gupta (প্রচেত গুপ্ত) Books

Pracheta Gupta is a Bengali writer and journalist. He was born on October 14, 1962. He grew up on Bangur Avenue and attended Bangur Boys School. He graduated from Scottish Church College in Kolkata with Economics Honours from the University of Calcutta.

He has been writing from his childhood. When he was just 12 years old, his first story was published in Anandamela. His literary works were afterwards published in a variety of magazines. He won the Kishore Sahitya Academy Award in 2021. A few of his stories have been adapted for Hindi, Oriya, and Marathi.

Book Links

1. 50ti Golpo

2. Amar Ja Ache

3. Brojen Jamidarer Banduk

4. Dhigir Jhamela

5. Gopen Open

6. Kothao Noy

7. Tin Number Chithi