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Dr. Mohammad Lutfur Rahman is an eminent Bengali author. He was born in the year 1889 in Magura district. He started his career as teacher. Later he went to Kolkata and established an organization to aid women which was named as ‘Naritirtha’. He also published a magazine named ‘Narishakti’. However, he chose to be a homeopathic doctor later in his life. His writings are comprehensive with its unique touch of simplicity. This is the reason his works got enlisted in the curriculum of higher secondary, secondary and even school level. Some of his well-known literary texts are Unnoto Jibon, Manob Jibon, Mohot Jibon, Shotto Jibon, Uccho Jibon, Jubak Jibon, Dharmo Jibon, Cheleder Mohottokotha, Raihan, Pothohara, etc. He died in the year 1936.

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